Insulation: keeping us cosy and cool

Eleven weeks into the build and one of the key components that will make our home a high performing energy efficient house arrived on site, and is now being incorporated into the structure. Three trucks delivered 150 cubic metres of Pavatex, a wood fibre product that will provide two layers of insulation. Insulation is oneContinue reading “Insulation: keeping us cosy and cool”

Before digging a hole – What we’ve been up to on the postage stamp

Between purchasing the land and the builder digging a hole we’ve been busy getting to know our postage stamp and tidying up in order to hand a clean site over to the builder. Between the summer heat, bushfire smoke and torrential rain we found time to: prune a few trees (someone was very keen toContinue reading “Before digging a hole – What we’ve been up to on the postage stamp”

Who knew finding a builder is like online dating?

It made us both laugh when I compared the emotions of finding a building to online dating. You search online, shoot off an email to one or two who look good, swap a few messages back and forth about your dreams, it feels like you’re on the same page, or they at least sound prettyContinue reading “Who knew finding a builder is like online dating?”