A lot can happen in five weeks

Our builders arrived on site late March, five weeks later things seem to be moving along at quite a clip. Here is a quick summary of the last five weeks.

The builders arrived on site and marked out the excavation areas for our house in the last week of March 2020.

A few days a digger arrived and dug out some nice looking soil.

There was a little rock, but luckily not too much.

After four days there was a neat hole the shape of our house.

Getting ready for concrete slab.

We have a slab! It looked small, I wondered…what have we done?

Our quirky block has a sewer main running through it and in order to build over it we need to uncover it so as to replace it with new PVC pipe.

Once removed those manky pipes old terracotta pipes need to go to the tip for recycling.

Once replaced the new sewer pipe was encased in concrete – with a careful gap left between slab to avoid thermal bridging.

Block work getting started for the retaining.

Once we had the frames went up we had a better sense of just how compact our house will be.

Our new end of the day ritual is to pop down and check out what the builders have been up to each day.

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