A builder, found we have

Using the Force to find a builder.

As you know finding a builder to build our passive house was a roller coaster ride. Turns out the perfect builder for us was just around the corner. Literally.
Feeling flat about all the conversations that weren’t eventuating into an arrangement for us, Gav went out for a mountain bike ride. At the end of the trail he stopped to chat to a guy who drives the same kind of electric vehicle and has an impressive solar array on his roof. Talk of EVs and solar led on to our passive house project. Gav said “I don’t suppose you know any builders?”. The guy said there was a bloke building a house around the corner who seemed good. We sent a message to the email address on the hoarding on the site around the corner. We were high-fiving each other when we received a reply that he used to build passive house in Europe and would love to get back into it here in Australia.
After the long road to finding a builder we felt like he was our only hope, so I called him our Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Not only is our builder joining us in some fun with Star Wars references, but it’s also turning into a promising collaboration. We are excited to have him and his team coming onsite soon to use the force to build our passive house.

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