Stories of serendipity, perseverance and lessons learnt as we build a passive house on a postage stamp in Sydney.

To certify or not to certify?

We know certification is an essential component of passive house and we fully understand why.  We are passionate about passive house (PH), and what it means for a healthy, comfortable, high performing and energy efficient home; however, sadly, our house won’t achieve passive house certification.  Why aren’t we going to be certified?  A lot ofContinue reading “To certify or not to certify?”

Building site bin chickens

Building a house is expensive, building a passive house possibly even more so (even if it is compact). We’ve made every attempt to reduce costs where possible. One place we’ve attempted to save money is in waste removal, rather than have it included in the building contract we agreed to keep the site tidy andContinue reading “Building site bin chickens”

Getting clear on windows

It’s been an exciting two weeks with the window installation making our house feel more like a home. Thermally broken double (or sometimes triple) glazed windows are the third pillar of passive house currently being incorporated into our house. Window selection and installation in passive house combines consideration of thermal properties and air tightness. TheContinue reading “Getting clear on windows”

About us

We are a couple who were lucky enough to buy a block of land in our local area where we are now building a passive house.

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What is a passive house?

Passive house design principles ensure a house is built to suit the local climate, is well insulated, air tight, has no thermal bridges and should not need energy intensive heating and cooling.

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